Partially-Selective High School Class

Karabar High School is a partially-selective high school.  Selective high schools cater for high achieving, academically gifted students and can provide intellectual stimulation by grouping together gifted and talented students who may otherwise be isolated from a suitable peer group.

Year 7 Entry into a Selective High School

Information about the Year 7 selective high school placement process is available through the link below. This link will help you obtain more information about this program and how to apply.

** Applications for Year 7 (2020) closed on 12 November 2018. The selective high school placement test will be held on Thursday, 14 March 2019. **

>>  Year 7 Placement Process

Year 8-12 Entry into a Selective High School

Applications for entry into Years 8-10 at Karabar High School are managed by the school, in line with Selective Schools Unit guidelines. Only a small number of places are available each year.  

Entry to selective high schools in Years 8-12 does not depend on a centralised program as entry to Year 7 does. A common application package applies to all schools. Further information is available at the link below.

** Applications for 2020 will open in late June 2019. **

>>  Year 8-12 Placement Process

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