Device Specifications

Device Aspect

Minimum Requirement

Screen Size


RAM Memory

2 Gb


16 Gb

Battery Life

+ 5 Hrs

Camera and Microphone


Operating System

Current or previous version of Windows; iOs

*Wireless Connectivity

5 Ghz Dual Band or 802.11 a/b/g/n




Is the device light enough for your child to carry every day

Optional Accessories

Carry case or skin to protect the device

Insurance - check that your personal policy covers loss or damage at school. The school is not liable to replace lost or damaged devices.

Warranty period- this will help to reduce repair costs in the future.

*Wireless Connectivity: Devices that do not meet the wireless specifications will not connect to the wireless network and will not be able to access the internet. Devices that only have 2.4 Ghz WILL NOT connect. 

ANDROID Devices must have be able to access all channels - a/b/g/n

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