Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD refers to students bringing a personally owned and school-approved device to school for the purpose of learning. Parents/carers are asked to provide a device that the students can bring to school every day. Teachers utilise BYODs in the classroom and the school provides the ability for devices to connect to the internet.

Device specifications that are recommended by the school are in the attached BYOD Program Device Specifications document. This document identifies the minimum system requirements and hardware specifications for student devices. Please read through these specifications carefully, taking particular note of the Wi-Fi requirements.

Programs such as the Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe software can be downloaded for free and do not need to be purchased. Details on how to download this software are available at the Free Software for Students page.

We recognise that, like uniforms, supplies and extracurricular activities, a device for student use represents a significant investment for families. However, we believe this investment is essential for your child to learn and work successfully in our technological world.

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